Publishing FAQs

Common publishing questions

How can I distribute my Adalo Apps on a free plan?

On the free plan, you can publish Web Apps, using the Adalo Subdomain. Click on the Share option on the menu bar or in the Publish section of the left panel.

To learn more about Web app publishing on a Free plan & Adalo Subdomains, please go to the Publishing Web Apps section.

Can I publish an App on a Trial Plan?

You are not able to publish an app using a Custom Domain or in the Play/App Stores on a Trial Plan.

What happens to my published app if I downgrade my plan?

If you downgrade your plan to Free, any published apps will no longer be marked "Published" in the App Stores or on a Custom Domain and all Actions will fail.

What is an AAB file?

Starting August 2021, new apps are required to publish with the Android App Bundle (AAB) on Google Play.

The Android App Bundle is the publishing format on Google Play. Publishing using app bundles helps to reduce the size of your app, simplify releases, and enable advanced distribution features.

You can read more in the Google Help Doc | App Bundle Features & Benefits

How do I get my APK file?

Adalo does not provide APK files for apps created after August 2021. We recommend you use the internal testing tracks in the Google Developer Console to test apps created in Adalo.

If you need to get the APK of the app built in Adalo, you will need to download it directly from the App Bundle Explorer after publishing the AAB file downloaded from the Adalo Builder.

Read more about this in the Google Help Docs | Inspecting app versions with App Bundle Explorer

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