Use Google Vision for OCR an image and store the text results in an Adalo record

This tutorial requires Integromat and Google Cloud Vision to run successfully.

1) Create a collection to store the data required. For the purpose of this tutorial we will name it OCR.

2) Add 3 properties to this collection. "Name" as a text property, "Image" as an image property and "All text" as a text property.

3) Access the prebuilt Integromat template at:

4) Follow the steps from the template to set it up.

5) Go back to the Builder for your app and add an image picker component and button to your home screen as shown below

6) Add an action to your button to Create a new OCR. The name field can be given anything you want there. I have chosen simply to use the current time as the name in this example. For the image property you will need to select the image picker by accessing the "form inputs" from the menu and selecting the image picker from the list. The "All text" field can remain blank as we will be using our automation to fill that field with data.

7) Open your app and add an image using the image picker and then click the "OCR it" button.

8) Run the scenario in Integromat

9) Check that your record in Adalo was successfully updated with the text

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