Admin Transactions Screen

The Admin Transactions Screen of the Browse, Purchase, and Manage Classes Feature Template is a dashboard view of the transactions successfully completed by customers.

The ‘Admin Tractions’ screen is a quick way for administrators to get an overview of the most recent transactions and operates as a dashboard for your business.

Similar to the ‘Admin Manage Clinics’ screen, it comes with a side navigation component set to highlight the “Transactions” menu item.

New Components

Text Components — Various

These text components display unique and dynamic information from the database. From left to right:

  1. A count of all transactions from the Transactions Collection.

  2. A count of all transactions in the last 30 days. This is because the text uses a custom filter for “Created Date” is after “30 days ago.”

  3. A count of the total number of users who have purchased. This uses a custom filter to search for any users that have a transaction count higher than one.

  4. A custom formula to display the percentage of users who have purchased a course out of the total number of Users in the database.

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