Mixpanel is a product analytics platform that lets you understand how your users are using your App.

Skill Level: Intermediate

With Mixpanel, you can answer questions like, "Which features are the most popular?" or "How fast is my user base growing?"

Adalo makes this integration easy. All you have to do is paste your Mixpanel API key into Adalo, and we take care of the rest. Adalo will automatically log every user action in your app, so you can see user signups, which screens are the most popular, and what your users do on those screens.

Before You Begin:

  • You will need to have a Mixpanel Account.

  • If you would like to learn more about all Mixpanel Capabilities, we will highly recommend you check Mixpanel's Help Center.

  • Mixpanel will track actions from Native Apps, and PWAs when used on a phone.

  • If you are willing to track Actions for 2 or more Adalo Apps you will need to create a New Project for each of those within Mixpanel.


Setting Up your Mixpanel Account

1.) Go to Mixpanel and sign up for a free account if you don't already have one.

2.) When Setting up your Mixpanel Account, you will first see the option to Add your Organization and create a New project.

To keep consistency, we highly recommend you name your project with the same name you are using in your Adalo App.

Getting your Mixpanel Token

3.) On your Getting Started page you will be able to find your Mixpanel Token.

Add your Mixpanel Token to Adalo

5.) Go to the Adalo Builder of the App you are willing to track on Mixpanel, and open the Settings option on the Left panel.

6.) Scroll down to the Mixpanel Token input, paste your Mixpanel Token, and hit "Update App", and you are Done!

Gain Insights in Mixpanel

7.) Once your app has been connected to Mixpanel, your app will automatically begin sending user data to Mixpanel.

Actions taken in the Preview of the app will not be logged so that your test data doesn't impact your metrics.

8.) As reporting is managed on Mixpanel's end then to learn more about this we will recommend you check their Documentation. Below you will find the most common areas within Mixpanel so you can learn more in detail.


  • You can then create reports and charts in Mixpanel, like the one below that shows which screens are most popular.

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