Search Messages Screen & Channels Screen

These two screens contain an input field and a list that can be filtered by the information the User types into the input field.

The Search Messages Screen and the Channels Screen contain two main components that control all the functionality.

The Components

Input Fields

Each screen contains an input field that will begin to filter the list as soon as a user starts to type into it.

List Component

Each list contains information regarding either Messages or the available Channels. Each list is filtered by the text that appears in their connected “Inputs” on the screen.

⚡ Actions

The Channel Screen:

  • On each list item

    • ⚡ Update Logged In User > Active Channel > Channel ID. This will ensure the User sees the channel they clicked on when they return to the Messages Screen

    • ⚡ Update Logged In User > Channels > Add Current Channel but only when the “Current Channel > ChannelUsers” does not contain the Logged In User.

    • ⚡ Link Action to the ‘Messaging’ Screen

Similar to visibility rules for components, there are conditional actions. To denote whether or not something has a conditional action — you will notice ✨ on the icon.

If you make edits to these actions, check for conditional logic that may be applied:

This can be found under “ADVANCED” in the settings of an action.

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