Subscription Payments

You can use the Stripe subscription component to let your users sign up for paid subscriptions plans for your software or services.

Set up your Product in Stripe

1) Go to

2) Click +New to create a new product

3) Give the product a name and then click Create Product

Create a Pricing Plan for your Product in Stripe

1) Select your product so that you are viewing all of it's information

2) In the Pricing Plans area, click +Add Pricing Plan

3) Give your plan a name, amount, and billing interval

Add the Stripe Subscription Payment component to your Adalo App

1) Click the Plus button the in the left toolbar

2) Scroll down and select Explore Marketplace

3) Install the Stripe Kit Component

4) Expand the Installed section and drag the Stripe Subscription onto one of your app's screens.

Configure your Subscription Payments Component

1) Click the Connect with Stripe button to connect your stripe account

2) Copy your Price Plan ID (price_stringID) from Stripe to Adalo and input in the Stripe component that says plan_id

  1. Select your product

  2. Select your payment plan

  3. Copy the ID and then paste it into Adalo

    1. Note: the ID will look something like: price_1IHCB8FAwoyiOM0lgJc2v4ec

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