Filtering Airtable Lists

With lists connected to external Airtable collections, you have a lot of options for filtering your list so that it only displays a subset of records from Airtable.

To filter your List that's connected to an Airtable collection, first select the list, and then in the right panel after you've selected the airtabel collection, click the Add Filter button

Then for the name of the filter enter "filterByFormula"

For the value of the formula, you can use any formula supported by Airtable. The list will display any records from Airtable where the formula is true. Any records where the formula is false will be filtered out.

For example, if you just wanted to show Trips where the Name was Hawaii, the value of your filter would be the following formula:

({Name} = 'Hawaii')

*Whatever is inside of the curly brackets should be the name of the column in Airtable.

**Whatever is inside of the single quotes is what you want the filter to look for. You can also use magic text in these filters like in the example below:

Below are some common formulas:

  • Name field = Hawaii

    • ({Field Name} = 'Hawaii')

  • Name field isn't empty

    • NOT({Name} = '')

  • Field Contains Hawaii

    • Search('Hawaii', {Field Name})

  • Field does not contain Hawaii

    • NOT(Search('Hawaii', {Field Name}))

  • Field is greater than 17

    • ({Field Name} > 17)

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