How to Format Dates and Numbers

  • If the Magic Text you add is for a Number or Date Property, you can customize how that information is formatted.
  • To see formatting options, click on the pencil in the Magic Text chip
  • For numbers:
    • Saving Numbers in the Database
      • Whole numbers must be entered without symbols (no commas or periods). Decimals must be denoted by either a period (.) or a comma (,)
    • Formatting Number for Displaying
      • You can select whether the number should have commas, be abbreviated, or be displayed as currency.
    • Prefixes and Suffixes
      • Prefixes and Suffixes can make your text even more magical by smartly showing the right word depending on whether the number is singular or plural.
      • For example, if you are showing a count of Trips, you can set the singular suffix to "Trip" and the plural suffix and "Trips." Then your app will automatically show "1 Trip" or "2 Trips"
  • For dates:
    • You can elect whether you want your data formatted as a Date or Date/Time, Day of the Week, or Relative (i.e., 3 days ago)