Notification in Slack when a new user registers in your Adalo app

In this tutorial, we will cover how to send a message to a Slack channel periodically with all the info of new users created in that time span.

You can find the prebuilt template in Integromat at the following url:

1) In the first step, you will select the Connection for your Adalo User's Collection. Or if you have not set one up, you will have to do that first.

a) You can find your API Key, by selecting the 3 vertical dots on the right of your User's collection and then selecting "API Documentation". Here you will find a line that says "Bearer xxxx". The xxx part of this is your API Key. b) The App ID is the long string that is found in the URL of the Builder for your app.{APP ID}/data c) The Database Collection ID (Also referred to as Table ID) can be found by using the 3 dots next to the collection you want the ID of, selecting "API Documentation" and then taking the last string that is provided to immediately.{APP ID}/collections/{TABLE ID}

2) Step 2 is simply specifying that the record you want to retrieve is the record ID from the previous step.

3) Step 3 requires connecting your Slack connection to Integromat. This can only be done if you have the relevant permissions on your Slack account as well as that you have not reached the limits of integrations allowed on your Slack Account.

The final step on step 3 is to place the text you want this message to say. Here you can use your creativity and also include markdown to style the message how you want.

In order to get the link that is shown in this template, you will need to go to your User's Collection and open up any record. The url in your browser is the one you will want to copy paste in this section. Making sure to replace the final Record ID number with the Record ID from the previous step in Integromat.

That's it! Go create a new user in your Adalo app and then run your Integromat Scenario to test. If all has gone right, you will receive the correct message in your slack channel within a few seconds!

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