Alignment Tools

Alignment Tools allows you to quickly align components on a screen or in a selection.

To Use:

Access Alignment Tools by selecting a component and clicking the More menu.

Align to screen shows up when one or more components are selected.

Align to screen acts as if the entire selection is a group and aligns the components with the screen.

Align Horizontally

Align Vertically

Keyboard Shortcuts

Align to Selection: Align top: OPTION + W

Align left: OPTION + A

Align bottom: OPTION + S

Align right: OPTION + D

Align Vertical Center: OPTION + V

Align Horizontal Center: OPTION + H

Align to Screen Align Vertically: OPTION + SHIFT + V

Align Horizontally: OPTION + SHIFT + H

When selecting items with different parents, align/distribute options will not be available.

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