Design Versions

You can create different design versions of your app that you can use to experiment with different layouts, publish new updates, or even restore backup versions if something goes awry.
Skill Level: Beginner

Intro Video

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have an app to save as a design version!
  • Design versions only save the visuals and layouts of your app. They do not save database changes of any kind.
  • You will need a paid Adalo plan to use this feature.


1.) To create a design version, click on the Versions tab in the left menu
, then click +Create Design Version.
2.) A popup will appear where you can give your version a name and optionally provide some notes about the version such as version number, changes made, questions that need answering, etc. When finished, click Create.
3.) In the Versions tab, you can also see a list of your previous versions (up to 10). The list includes both manual saves as well as automatic saves of your app. You can see the name of the version, a preview of its notes, who created it, and when.
4.) Clicking on the More button on a version will reveal some options. You can click on Version Details to see the full name and all notes for a version. Clicking on Restore Version will revert the current working version of your app back to the selected saved version. Click on Delete Version to... well... delete the saved version.
5.) In case you're unsure about what is saved in a design version, we've created a handy chart below showing which items will change when you restore a design version.
IMPORTANT: While the collections, properties, and record data are not saved in versions, the way they are connected to your app (through lists, forms, etc.) are saved in design versions.
Will change upon version restore?
Screens and screens tab settings
Components on each screen
Setup of components on each screen (ex: list filter setup, which Collection is linked to a list, etc)
Branding tab settings
Screen Type (Home, etc)
Collection data
Collections and Collection Setup
Collection Permissions
API Keys
External Collections
Custom Actions
Installed or purchased components
App settings tab
Publish settings
Profile settings
Team & Billing
App Builds

Learn More

  • Restoring a saved version will cause an auto-save version to be created before the restore happens.
  • Saving database changes is not currently supported, but is something we would like to do in the future.
  • Deleting collections is permanent between versions. If you delete a collection and try to restore it with a design version, it will not be restored.
  • Changing the connected collection of forms and lists between design versions will be reflected whenever you restore a version.
  • Design versions are per team, not per user.
  • Private and paid components will remain unchanged between versions (i.e. components purchased in one version will be available for use in all versions).
  • Custom actions also remain unchanged between versions (i.e. a custom action created in one version will be available for use in all versions.)


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