Listings Screen

The Listings Screen is used to display all the properties available for rent within a certain location and show their location on a map.

The Listings Screen in the Browse Home Listings Feature Template utilizes our Location property type to display locations on a map and to take advantage of other geolocation functionality. Beyond that, the screen is made up of a list to beautifully display home listings available for rent.

The Components

Map Component

The Map Component requires a Google Maps API key. Without the API Key properly configured, when previewing the app, you will notice an error.

⚑ Marker Action

  • Link Action to β€˜Listing Detail’ Screen (from an individual marker on the map)

List Component

The List Component displays all relevant information at a glance for users to quickly scroll through. The information displayed can be controlled in the database.

All Listings in the database are shown in the list β€” there are no filters.

⚑ List Actions

  • Link Action to β€˜Listing Detail’ Screen

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