Time Slots Screen

The Time Slots Screen showcases all available appointments associated with a particular coach.

Once a user selects a coach they are interested in booking an appointment with, they will be taken to the Time Slots Screen. This screen displays all the open appointments that are available to book in the future.

This screen is similar to other screens in the template that have lists. It does, however, contain a custom filter.

Here’s what this filter means:

  • This list is a list of all appointments that are offered by the β€œCurrent User.” In other words, the appointments offered by the coach that the user picked from the list on the β€˜Coaches’ Screen.

  • The list is filtered to only display appointments where BOOKED = FALSE or where the appointment does not show as booked in the database.

  • AND the Date & Time for the appointments shown must be after the CURRENT TIME, as in, the time that the user is looking at the list.

⚑ List Actions

  • Link Action to β€˜Book Appointment’ Screen

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