Stripe Subscription

You can use the Stripe subscription component to let your users sign up for paid subscriptions plans for your software or services.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have created a Stripe account, added your business information and bank account information, and completed any required verification.

  • Users must be Logged in for the Subscription Component to work correctly.


Stripe Subscription

Set up your Product in Stripe

  1. Enter Product information

Add the Stripe Subscription Subscription Component to your App

1) Click the "+" button to open the Add Panel

2) Scroll down to Installed

3) Drag the Stripe Subscription Component onto your checkout screen

Configure your Subscription Payments Component

  1. Click the Connect with Stripe button to connect your Stripe account

  2. In Stripe Subscription Section:

    1. Copy your Price Plan ID (price_stringID) from Stripe to Adalo and input in the Stripe component that says price_id

      1. Select your Product

      2. Copy the ID and then paste it into Adalo

        1. PriceID will look something like: price_1IHCB8FAwoyiOM0lgJc2v4ec

  3. In Email Field section:

    1. You must specify the email address of the User that should receive email confirmation of the purchase. This is also how you will identify the customer in your Stripe Dashboard and is how the Component will know there is an active subscription.

  4. Test Mode:

    1. Configure Test Mode to use this Feature.

Using the Subscription Component

Please Note: There is no option to receive User Subscription data or validating Active Subscriptions from Stripe using the Component. This must be done with a Custom Action using the Stripe | API Documentation

Test Mode

  1. Toggle on Test Mode in component

  2. Enter your Stripe Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key into Subscription component.

  3. Set up Test Product in Stripe

    1. Enter Product information

    2. Update Price_ID in Subscription component.

    3. Open Previewer and complete payment flow as normal.

    4. Select appropriate Stripe | Test Mode Card for the scenario you want to test.

    5. Enter card info and select 'Pay Now'

Products created in Test Mode can be copied to Live mode but will have a different price_ID

Testing Successful

When you have finished testing your Subscription component and want to go live you will have to disable the Test mode and make sure you change the Price ID to a Live product.


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