Stripe Marketplace Payment

Stripe Marketplace Component is used for with Connected account Merchant Payments for goods or services.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have created a Stripe account, set it up for Stripe Connect, and completed any required verification.

  • Connect Component must be set up in Application to accept Marketplace Payments.

  • Users must be Logged in for the Component to work.


Stripe Marketplace Payment

To add the Stripe Marketplace Component

1) Click the "+" button to open the Add Panel

2) Scroll down to Installed

3) Drag the Stripe Marketplace Component onto your checkout screen.

To configure the Stripe Payment component

  1. Click the "Connect with Stripe" button and follow the prompt to connect your Stripe account to your Adalo account by entering your Stripe Credentials. (This may already be set if you are using another Stripe Component)

  2. In the Stripe Marketplace section:

    • Enter the Connected Stripe Account ID for the Merchant receiving the Payment. You can use Magic Text to pull this from the Database.

    • Enter the Payment amount you want to charge your users. This can be the same amount for everyone, or you can use Magic Text or a Custom Formula to set a variable amount.

    • Enter the Platform fee if applicable. This is the amount taken from the Merchants portion of the payment.

    • Select Currency Type.

  3. In the Charge Description section:

    • Enter the text that should appear on your user's credit card statements to explain the change. You can also use Magic Text here such as "Current Product Name"

  4. In the Receipt Email section:

    • You must specify the email address of the User that should receive email confirmation of the purchase. This is also how you will identify the customer in your Stripe Dashboard.

  5. In the Submit Button section:

    • You can edit the text and styles of the submit button as well as add Actions like linking to the next screen or Custom Action to get the Stripe information and attach it to your User.

  6. Test Mode section:

    • Allows you to enter your Stripe Test Secret Key and Tess Publishable Key and toggle on/off to test transactions.

    • Configure Test Mode to use this Feature.

Note: Stripe is supported in many countries but not all. Check out the latest list here.

Test Mode

  1. Toggle on Test Mode in component

  2. Enter your Stripe Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key into Payment component.

  3. Open Previewer and complete payment flow as normal.

  4. Select appropriate Stripe | Test Mode Card for the scenario you want to test.

  5. Enter card info and select 'Pay Now'

Testing Successful

When you have finished testing your Marketplace Payment component and want to go Live, you will have to disable the Test mode.


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