Create Your Apple Developer Account

*** note that you need your own iOS device

  1. Check that your personal Apple ID has two-factor authentication turned on.

  2. Go to!&page=signin and sign into your Apple ID account

  3. Scroll down and check to agree to all of the terms.

  4. Then on the next page choose whether you want your Apple Developer account to be an individual or a company/organization.

    1. You should choose company/organization if your app is for a business (either existing or new). This will allow you to invite other people to have access to the developer account in the future. It will also mean that the company information is shown in the app store listing rather than your personal information. Note: Your company must already be a legal entity for you to choose this option.

    2. If you chose company/organization, Apple will require you to enter your organization's DUNS number.

      1. To see if your organization already has a DUNS number go here:

      2. If you don’t have one go here to request one:

        1. Note that your company must be a legal entity before doing this

        2. This process will take about 14 business days.

  5. Once you’ve filled everything out click β€œSubmit” and your application should now be processing with Apple (this should take a couple days to process)

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