Adding/Deleting Properties

You realize you're in need of an additional property within your Airtable base, but you've already done an initial set up of Airtable to Adalo. You will need to run through the set-up steps again (fields should all remain completed) in order to add your new property for use in Adalo.

Note: If you are just updating a record field it will automatically sync.

  1. Add your property field into Airtable

  2. Complete at least 1 record (if you leave the property empty, it will NOT transfer to Adalo)

  3. Under your collection in Adalo click the 3 buttons

  4. Select Edit Settings

  5. Ensure the settings are all correct

  6. Run Test

  7. Save Collection

If you Delete a Property Field in Airtable and want to remove it from Adalo, follow from steps 3 - 7.

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