How to Share a Database Between Apps

Everything you need to know about sharing databases

Let’s learn how to share a database between a mobile app and web app in Adalo!

First, start by building your database. For this tutorial, we set up a simple database collection called “Plants” and included a Text field for “Name” and an Image field for “Image” ー all of this will transfer over to your web app. Or, if you’ve set up a web app first, this will transfer to your mobile app. Now, let’s get to sharing!

  1. Navigate to the top of the Adalo screen and click on the dropdown menu.

  2. Click to “Create New App”

  3. Select whether you want a mobile or web app

  4. Select a Template type and give it a name

  5. Go to “Advanced Options”

  6. Click to share a database

  7. Select the database you want to share

  8. Click to create your app

You’ve just shared a database between apps inside of Adalo! 🎉 Cloneable Web App → Link Cloneable Mobile App → Link

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