Publishing to the Web (Legacy Apps)

Publish your app to the web as a desktop web app or as a PWA (progressive web app).

Skill Level: Intermediate

Before You Begin

  • Only Account Owners can add/change Domains in account settings.

  • Know the basics of domains, subdomains, DNS Records, and DNS Providers.

  • Adalo subdomains only apply to Desktop Web apps, not to PWA (mobile) apps.

  • Custom domains apply to both Desktop web apps and PWA (mobile) apps.

  • Custom Domains can be used for either Desktop Web Apps or PWAs, but not at the same time.

  • If you plan to use a Custom Domain, make sure you have purchased the domain name already.

Your custom domain cannot include the phrase "" or "adalo". These checks have been added to ensure non-Adalo affiliates do not impersonate the organisation. Your domain will NOT connect if your custom domain includes adalo or

  • You do not need a paid Adalo plan to use an Adalo subdomain for publishing.

  • You do need a paid Adalo plan to use a Custom Domain for publishing.


Be sure to choose the correct tab below for the domain setup you are wanting to use!

Every Adalo account comes with its own subdomain such as Your subdomain is usually your team's name at first, but you can change this at anytime using these steps:

1.) While logged into Adalo, click on the profile/account icon in the upper right corner of the Adalo Builder, then click on Settings.

2.) In the popup that appears, click on the Domains tab.

3.) If you are a part of multiple teams, choose the Team you want to edit the subdomain for in the dropdown, then click Edit next to the subdomain.

4.) The URL will change to a text box where you can change the subdomain. Note that it can only contain numbers, letters, and dashes and that you may only use subdomains that are not already taken by someone else. Once you're finished, click Save.

It's important to note that this subdomain applies to all of your Desktop web apps. While you can't change the subdomain for each individual app if you're using an Adalo domain, you can change the ending URL slug. Let's do that now.

5.) To change the ending of the URL (commonly called a slug), click on the Publish button on the left toolbar in the Adalo Builder.

6.) Here, you can see the domain settings for your Desktop web app. You can change the slug by changing the value in the text input. When finished, click Save.

If you do not see an option to change the URL slug like below, your app is a PWA (mobile app) instead of a Desktop app and does not support changing the URL slug.

Learn More

  • You can learn more about DNS records, domain names, hosting, and subdomains here with this very good guide by GoDaddy.

  • Mastering adding and managing DNS records with your domain provider can be a very valuable skill to have, especially when you need to add them for email marketing, payment processors, and website hosting services.

  • You cannot use the same subdomain for two different apps, but you can create as many subdomains as you like. For instance, if you have a web version and a mobile version of your app. You may have a and an subdomain.

  • In instances such as Sign in with Google, Sign in with Apple, and In App Purchases, you may need to use your Adalo or custom domain during the setup of those features.

  • You cannot use Adalo subdomains on PWA apps, only on desktop web apps. You can however, use custom subdomains on PWA apps. Below is a table to help make this a bit clearer:

UseAdalo SubdomainCustom Subdomain

Desktop Web Apps



PWA (Mobile) Apps



Native Apps




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