When previewing your application, you are able to use the Developer tools of your browser to help you debug problems with your application. These tools vary a little depending on the browser that you are using. In the example below, I entered and invalid option for an Airtable Single Select field.

  1. Start the preview for your app.

  2. Navigate you what you would like to test and debug.

  3. Right click on that component or element.

  4. Select Inspect.

  5. Select the Network tab of the developer tools tool bar that opens.

  6. Select the Clear Console button as shown in the video. (This just makes it easier to see which errors occur as results of your next action in your application).

  7. Perform the action in your application that is causing the problem or not working. In my example, this was setting the Trail type to an invalid value for that field and then selecting the Update Trail button.

  8. After performing the action causing the problem, a new error appeared in the console and list of data requests on the developer tools tool bar.

  9. In the list of data requests, you can then select the error that appears to view more details.

  10. In this example it shows that the action submitted an invalid multiple choice option.

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