Allow Merchants to Connect their Stripe Account to your App

To enable consumer payments to go to your Merchant's Stripe accounts. You need to create a screen in your app where Merchants can connect their Stripe account to your app.

Add a Stripe ID property to your Merchants Collection in your database.

(Most commonly, in your marketplace app, you will have a Collection of Merchants, but if you don't have a Merchants Collection, you could add this property to your Users Collection)

1) In Adalo, in the left tool bar, click the Database Tab

2) Find and expand the Merchant Collection (or create one if you haven't already)

3) Click Add Property, then choose Text as the type of property

4) Name the new property "Stripe Account Id"

Create a Screen for Merchants to Connect their Stripe Account

1) On the screen where merchants can edit their profile, add the Stripe Connect component. Do this by clicking the Plus button in the left toolbar. Then scroll down and expand the Stripe Payments section, and click and drag the Stripe Connect component on to your screen.

Configure the Stripe Connect Component

1) First, connect YOUR Stripe Account to your Adalo App by clicking the connect with Stripe button at the top of the left panel

2) Set up the "Redirect URI" for your app in your Stripe Account"

1) Copy the URI from the gray box in Adalo

2) In Stripe, go to your Connect Settings page

3) Scroll down to the Integrations section, and, in the Redirects row, click the "+ Add URI" button

4) In the Modal that pops up, paste the URI that you copied from Adalo, and then click the purple Add URI button.

3) Add your Stripe Client Id. You can find your Stripe Client Id also on your Connect Settings page, right above where you added the URI. Copy and Paste this into Adalo

4) Add your Stripe Secret Key. You can find your Stripe Secret Key on your Stripe API Keys page. Click the "Reveal live key token" button, and then Copy and Paste this into Adalo.

5) Select where in the database to save the Merchant's Stripe Account Id, but opening the dropdown, and then selecting Current Merchant > Stripe Account Id

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