How to have a Dropdown Menu in a Form

Learn how to create a dropdown menu within your Adalo app! To get started, it’s helpful if you already have your databases setup within Adalo. For this tutorial, you can setup a database for “Recipes” and create properties for “Name” using the text property, “Food Image” using the image property, a relationship property to “Users” and select the last option where multiple recipes can belong to multiple users and multiple users can have multiple recipes. Next, create a new collection for “Categories” ー then add a text property and call it “Name.” Next to “Categories” in the left panel, click on “0 Records.” You will need to add records to your database that will be the options the user can select from within the dropdown menu on your form.

  1. Add a form component onto your app screen

  2. In the left panel, select “Recipes” in the first dropdown to connect the form to your “Recipes” database collection.

  3. From there, go to your database collection for Categories and setup a “relationship” with “Recipes” ー this will be a many to one relationship whereby a Recipe can have one Category, but a Category can have multiple Recipes. Click Save.

  4. Navigate back to the form then click on the left panel. Scroll down to Fields and click to “add visible field.” This will create the dropdown

  5. Navigate down the left panel to the Submit button. Click to “add an another action” to link the Recipes screen to the Categories screen so that you can see the Recipes that are added to the app.

  6. Once on the Categories screen, navigate to the left panel and search for “Image list.” After you drag that to your Categories screen, on the left panel, select Recipes in the dropdown menu to bind the database collection to your “Image list.”

  7. Scroll down the left panel and under “Text,” click to update the “Subtitle.” Remove “Subtitle” from the text line.

  8. Click on the “magic text symbol” then scroll to “Categories” and then select “Name.” This will interject the Categories name on the image list.

Preview your form and then you’re done! You’ve created a Dropdown Menu within a form on Adalo. 🎉 Cloneable App! 👀 → Link

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