How to have a Dropdown Menu in a Form

Let's say you have a trip planning app where your users can fill out a form to create a new trip. You may want to have the user select a Trip Category via a dropdown so they have to pick "Adventure," "Leisure," or "Educational."

  1. To do this you need to make both a Trips collection and a Trip Categories collection.

  2. On the Trip collection, add properties for Name, Image, and User.

  3. Then, on the Trips collection, add a relationship property so that each Trip can be related to one Trip Category. Name the relationship property "Category"

  4. In the Trip Categories collection, add a Name Property.

  5. Then add Trip Category records for "Adventure," "Leisure," and "Educational"

  6. Now, add a new screen to your app

  7. Select the "Form" screen template

  8. Select the Form

  9. In the left panel, set the form to Create Trip

  10. Now, expand the Fields section

  11. Add the "Category" property to the Form Fields section

That's it! The Category field will automatically be a dropdown field on your form with "Adventure," "Leisure," and "Educational" as the three options.