A canvas that users can draw on and use to sign documents.

Before you begin

  • You need a text property in one of your collections in which you'll be saving your signature
  • You do not need a paid Adalo plan to use the feature
Please be aware that the signature saves as text, but it can't be saved on the first property of a Collection.


1.) While in your Adalo app, click the big plus sign
in the top left corner
2.) Scroll down to the Marketplace section and click Explore Marketplace
3.) Find Signature in the component list and click Install
4.) Back in the components list, enter Signature in the search bar, then click and drag the Signature Pad component onto the desired screen.
5.) Select the style you want for the component.
6.) Click on Button and make any changes to the text or Buttons styles as desired.
7.) Scroll down to the Save Actions. Add a new "Create Action" and with Magic Text select Signature Pad > Signature.
8.) Add any additional action depending on where you want to take your users after the signature has been saved.
If you are saving the signature in your Users collection then you would want to use the "Update Action" instead to the "Create Action". The steps will be the same ones


Example of how to Set up the Create action. Please be aware that the First Property in the collection is being used to naming the record.
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