Adalo Subscription Add-Ons

Frequently asked questions about Add-Ons applied to your Adalo subscription.

Published Apps

Published Apps are available to add on to the following plans: Starter, Professional, Team, and Business.

Each additional Published App will cost $25.00 per app per month.

What is a published app?

Published apps are defined as meeting a few different requirements:

An app is marked as ‘published’ within the Adalo Editor, which is a required step before sending your app to either App Stores (Apple or Google) or applying a custom domain.

The app has a unique database. Apps that share the same database also share a “published” status.

An app (and any shared databases) can be published to a custom domain, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store — this still counts as one published app.

What happens if I unpublish an app?

If your published app has been sent to Testflight, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store and you choose to unpublish it, the app will stop executing actions for your end users & will now be considered a ‘Test App’ in your account.

If I add an additional Published App to my plan, when will I be charged?

You will be charged at the time of adding your additional published app. Your charge will be pro-rated through the remainder of your current subscription cycle.

I'm on an annual plan, when will I be charged for an additional Published App?

Any add-ons will be charged on a monthly basis, even if your subscription is billed annually. You will receive a monthly charge based on add-ons like Published Apps, App Actions, and/or App Editors.

I purchased an additional Published app and I don't need it anymore, how can I remove it?

You just need to Toggle the Publish option for the app you no longer need to be published, and your pricing will be updated for the next billing cycle.

App Actions

App Actions are available as an add-on to the following plans: Starter, Professional, Team, and Business.

Each App Action package add-on will cost $8.00 per 15,000 actions per month.*

*For makers on the Business plan, a reduced package rate of 200,000 additional actions per month will cost $10.00.

What is an app action?

App Actions represent a count of the activities end users take inside apps. For example, each time an end user interacts with your app through creating, updating, or deleting data — each action is counted individually.

Monthly App Actions are counted across your entire account from each of the apps within your account that receive actions in that month.

Will I be notified if I’m approaching my plan limits?

Yes, we will send out a few emails as your account approaches the ‘App Actions’ limit on your current plan. We will also notify you by email each time your account requires an App Action package add-on.

When will I be charged for App Action Overages?

You will be charged for App Action overages at the end of your billing cycle. This is called billing in arrears.*

For example:

You sign up for the Professional plan on July 13th. You pay immediately for your subscription, which gives you access to the product & all its features for 1 month. Before you are charged for your subscription renewal (on August 13th), Adalo will count all your actions and add accrued charges to that same invoice. If that cycle included overages, the August 13th invoice will have 2 line items: one for your base subscription to the Professional plan for the next month, and a line for any overages accrued over the last month. *Annual subscription holders will be billed for App Action overages on a monthly cycle.

Can I set limits on how many App Actions my account will use?

Yes! You can set a spending limit to make sure that your usage is predictable.

Do App Actions get counted in the Previewer when I test my App? If not, where does Adalo count actions?

Nope! Inside the previewer in the editor, any action taken does not count against your action total. Here is where we do count actions:

Native Android Apps

Native iOS Apps

Installed PWAs

Mobile App Share URL

Desktop App Share URL

If Adalo tracks actions per month, what does a ‘month’ mean?

A “month” will align with the billing cycle for Makers on a monthly subscription plan. For Makers on an annual subscription plan, the ‘month’ will work as though they had a monthly subscription.

This applies to actions per month, editors per month, and published apps per month.

When makers purchase a monthly subscription, they will always pay on that same day of the month. This day is called the ‘anchor day’.

For example, a customer who purchases a monthly subscription set on the 2nd of the month will always be billed on the 2nd.

If a month doesn’t have the anchor day, the subscription will be billed on the last day of the month. For example, a subscription starting on January 31 bills on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year), then March 31, April 30, and so on.

Where can I see everything that counts towards my app actions?

We've made a help document that goes through how to look at your app actions dashboard & it contains an exhaustive list of how we count actions. Review counted app actions here.

App Editors

App Editors are available as an add-on to the following plans: Starter, Professional, and Team.

Each additional App Editor will cost $15.00 per editor per month.

What is an app editor?

An App Editor is a collaborator that you have invited to be a part of your Adalo Team and has access to your account.

These App Editors can be given to existing apps and will have full access to make changes to the app. Please ensure you are only adding trusted associates.

App Editors can also create and publish new apps on your Adalo team.

See Team Members for information on adding editors to your app.

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