Working with an Adalo Freelancer

Some best practices to make your engagement with Adalo developers as secure & valuable as possible.

We’re so excited that you have chosen to build with Adalo! Adalo can be very easy to start with, but we understand that it gets complicated as your apps become more powerful and sophisticated. Freelancers who have expertise in Adalo can be valuable resources in your journey.

To make this journey easier & safer, we have put together some guidelines & clarifications about the process of hiring a freelancer to build your Adalo app.

Adalo does not mediate between clients and freelancers. If the freelancer is an Adalo Expert, we might be able to reach out to them more easily, but that does not indicate Adalo’s responsibility in managing the relationship or disputes between the two parties.

Freelancers vs 'Adalo Experts'

If you’re looking to hire an Adalo professional, we encourage you to look at the Adalo Experts Program.

Adalo Experts are a group of proficient Adalo professionals, vetted by Adalo, who know the ins and outs of the platform. They are enterprising & resourceful, know workarounds to common problems, as well as common pitfalls & optimisations to make your app both beautiful and performant! In addition to that, they are members of a private Adalo Experts Slack channel that is hosted and monitored by Adalo. You can hire them at various price points for a complete design & build, UI/UX help or just 1:1 coaching.

That being said, Adalo Experts are not Adalo Employees (though some Adalo employees may also be Experts).

Freelancers who aren’t a part of the Adalo Experts Program (such as from sources like Fiverr or Upwork) are also very welcome to build for clients on Adalo, but they are not affiliated with Adalo in any capacity.

To determine best practices for your engagement, ask yourself - is this app development project going to be a time-bound engagement, or is it ongoing?

Time-bound engagement with the freelancer/ Adalo Expert

If you plan to have a time-bound engagement with Adalo Experts (build the Adalo app & handover), we recommend doing the following:

1 . Create a contract between yourself and the expert.

A well-drafted contract could detail deliverables, timelines, payment milestones or schedules, credentials, and the occasional NDA (as applicable). It could also mention what happens in the case of non-fulfilment of deliverables by the freelancer, or non-payment of dues from your end.

2. Create an Adalo account with your credentials.

We strongly recommend creating an Adalo account with credentials that only you have access to. Your account will be the admin of the team that your new app will be built under. This ensures you have ownership and control over your app’s development process. This also makes sure that the membership that you’re paying for is owned by you.

Please note, sharing the credentials to your account is STRONGLY discouraged by Adalo. On our end, we are unable to legally distinguish between logins to the same account from different geographical regions or IP addresses, and hence one email ID will be considered one user, even in case of disputes. As per our terms and conditions, if you share your Adalo credentials, Adalo is not liable for any damages done by the user from the official login credentials.

3. Add an App Editor seat to your account if you’re on the Starter Plan ($45).

If you have the Adalo Starter plan, it only allows for one App Editor. You can either add another app editor seat for $15 extra or upgrade your plan to a Professional Plan (5 app editors and many other additions) for $20 extra.

4. Invite the Adalo Freelancer to your app

To add people to your Adalo Account and the app that you're looking to create with the help of the freelancer:

  • You need to open the Adalo Builder to the app that you're looking to build with the freelancer, go to settings on the left panel, Go to App Access and click Add Team Members and then Invite New Team Members.

  • Add the Email ID of the freelancer you’re looking to invite, and click Invite.

  • You will see the freelancer added to your App Access section. They will be sent an invite to their mail which they will need to accept; please request them to check for an email from

  • You will also have a link “Remove” to remove the freelancer once your work is done, which we encourage you to do once your work is satisfactorily completed.

  • Anytime you require the freelancer to be added to your app to make changes, the same process can be followed. There is no cap on the number of times a person can be added or removed from an account, this process is completely in your hands.

Long-standing engagement with the freelancer/ expert

If you plan to be in a continued relationship with the freelancer (the freelancer is not only building but also managing your app while it runs), we recommend getting added to the Business/Team Plan that the Freelancer is a part of. While the engagement is on, they would have to follow the same instructions to add you to their account.

In this case, we recommend having even stronger contracts as the app will be in the ownership of the freelancers. They can also remove you at any point, so we encourage you to have strong guardrails in place.

Dispute Management

As previously mentioned, Adalo does not mediate disputes between Freelancers and Clients and hence we encourage following the best practices of working with Freelancers & Adalo Experts.

We also encourage taking copies of your apps occasionally irrespective of your engagement length - this ensures having some backup in the case of a dispute, or accidental deletion of the app. You can ask your freelancers to clone your apps or clone your apps from the App Access settings in the left panel. All Adalo plans have unlimited non-published apps (app drafts) included.

We hope that following these steps will help you approach hiring a freelancer with confidence! We can’t wait to see your ideas come to life.

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