Lists and Pagination

You can enable progressive loading on any list in Adalo so that data is served to your lists much faster.

Skill Level: Expert

Before You Begin

  • Make sure to complete the Working with Data Types guide first.

  • You must have a Team or Business Adalo plan to use this feature.

  • Child Lists cannot query using MagicText information from a Parent List.



NOTE: Progressive loading (also known as pagination) is disabled by default for lists in Adalo. This means that Adalo will attempt to load all records within a Xano table by default.

1. To turn on progressive loading (pagination), first ensure you have set the list data type in the first dropdown.

2. Then click on the Advanced Options section.

3. Turn on the "Load items as Users scroll" toggle.

4. In your Xano dashboard, click on the API tab in the left menu, then select the API Group that holds the endpoints for the table that your list is referencing.

In our example, we only have the Default endpoint group which holds the endpoints for our Companies table, so we're choosing that one.

5. Find the "GET All" endpoint for the table that corresponds to your list in Adalo and click to open it.

Again, in this example, we're looking at the Companies table. This will be the first GET you see in the list if you are using the default API Group.

6. With the endpoint open, hover over the Inputs box and click the add icon in the upper right.

7. Click on the Integer option in the right menu.

8. In the name input, put the word "limit", then click Save.

IMPORTANT: The word "limit" is case-sensitive! It should be all lowercase!

9. Click on the add button in the Inputs section again.

10. Now add another Integer called "offset", then click Save.

IMPORTANT: The word "offset" is case-sensitive. It should always be lowercase!

11. Click on the Query step of the Function block.

12. Now click on the Output tab of the right menu.

13. Click on the first Edit/Pencil icon.

14. Check the box next to "Enable Paging", then click Save.

15. Click on the External tab at the top of the menu.

16. In the Per Page dropdown, select the "limit" option.

17. In the Offset dropdown, select the "offset" option.

18. Click the Save button at the bottom of the menu.

19. Click the green Publish button in the top right to make the changes live, give the changes an optional message and click Publish in the bottom right to finalize.

Learn More

  • You can change how many records are served to Adalo at a time by changing the Per Page number input seen in Step 14.

  • Please keep in mind that you cannot have pagination turned on for the GET ALL for your Users collection.

  • Using Pagination is highly recommended as it drastically increases the loading speed of your lists (up 7x faster initial list loading speeds compared to no pagination).

  • Check out this Video: Adalo & Xano: How to Use Adalo Query Parameters to Filter a List on a Screen from one of our awesome Adalo Makers!


As with all integrations, Adalo is only able to provide support for the Adalo side of the integration. For assistance with your Xano account, dashboard, or implementation, please use the Xano documentation, Xano community, Xano University, or contact Xano Support directly.

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