Xano Tips and Tricks

Setting up your App with Xano can be a bit different from what you are used to with Adalo Collections, so we've got you covered with some Tips and tricks on what you can expect!

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Before you Begin

Best Practices when working with Xano

  • You must have a Team or Business Adalo plan to use this feature.

  • Make sure that when creating a new user you are meeting the Filters that you set up in Xano for each specific property.

  • Please make sure that the Base URL is for an API Group, it should look like this: https://x8kj-letl-tlmt.n7.xano.io/api:#####.

  • Custom domains for your Xano APIs are also supported.

  • Xano Collections are treated as External Collections (meaning that everything that is available for Ext. Collections is supported with Xano Collections).

  • When Signing-up your users please be aware that a β€œCreate User” action is not going to Log in to your user, therefore Actions or filters applied to the "Logged in user" will not work. You can think of the Xano Sign Up action as a combination of creating a user and logging in all at once.

  • Xano only supports POST methods for Updates. Therefore whenever you are using a PUT or PATCH, those will get set to POST.

  • By default, Xano expects a full object to be sent in when doing Updates. This means that when you update a row in your Xano Collection, if there are any fields left empty in your Adalo Action, it will result in empty/null values in Xano. A way to avoid this will be to fill in all your Properties with Magic text by Current _____ > The corresponding property. You can also change this behavior in Xano by using Conditional Filters.

  • Please make sure that after you have made a change to your Xano APIs you are hitting the Publish Button. When you come back to Adalo, in order to see those changes reflected, you will have to hit on "Edit Settings" on the Specific "Collection" you changed.

  • It is important to note that when you have multiple β€œUpdate” endpoints for a collection (e.g. a PUT for full object updates and a PATCH for partial updates) we will pick the last one and set it to POST, and that's the one that will show for your Update action for that specific Collection. If you would like to change this, you can manually configure your endpoints by going to β€œEdit Settings” for that collection in Adalo.

Adalo Features and Components

  • After you have created an App using Xano Collections you will be able to use External Collections but you won't be able to use Adalo Collections for that specific App.

  • There isn't a way of transitioning an App that is currently using Adalo Collections to use Xano Collections. You'll have to create a New App and use the Xano Collections option with it.

  • You'll be able to use our Google Sign-in and Apple Sign-in components. Please keep in mind that you cannot have pagination turned on for the GET ALL for your Users collection.

  • When using the Apple Sign-In component, you need to have β€œName” as an optional param on your /auth/signup endpoint.

  • Adalo Push Notifications Actions will work the same way they work for Adalo Collections. You can learn more about how to set these up in our Trigger Push Notifications Help Docs.

  • Sending Push Notifications via the API must use the User ID.

  • Collection Permissions must be set on Xano's end. Adalo Collection Permissions will not work with Xano Collections.

  • Design Versions will continue working the same way they currently do for Adalo.

Troubleshooting Tips

In addition to our existing Troubleshooting Help Doc, here are some tips that you could use to troubleshoot your App, in addition to our :

  • A good first step for troubleshooting your App when working with Xano is to try to recreate the action you are trying to perform in Adalo in Postman and check if you are receiving an Error there.

  • Adalo will not be directly showing Xano Errors, for instance, if your Adalo Actions stop working because you reached your Xano Plan limits, you will be notified about it in your e-mail.

  • When seeing "Sign-up failed" or "Action cannot be completed" errors we will highly recommend you open your Dev tools in your Browser > Network > Click on the request that failed that will be highlighted in Red and that will help guide you on what's the Error that's causing your Action to fail.

  • We use the Swagger Documentation on Xano as a reference for what you will be seeing in Adalo. We will recommend you use it in Xano to troubleshoot issues that you are facing with your APIs.


How will GDPR Compliance be managed with Xano Collections?

As Xano will be storing your information GDPR Compliance will be managed by Xano. You can read more about how they manage this in their GDPR Help Documentation.

What happens if I downgrade to a Plan that doesn't support Xano Collections?

You will no longer be able to use your Xano Collections in Adalo components, and Actions connected to your Collection will no longer work in your App.

Is Xano Storage counted in Adalo's storage?

No, as storage will be managed on Xano's end you will be managing this directly with Xano.

Can I migrate my Adalo Users Database to Xano?

Yes! You have access to download your Users information at any time through your Adalo Collections.

Currently, User Passwords cannot be downloaded so it is recommended that you push your users to a Password Reset flow on their initial Login after the transition is completed.

Can I use Xano Users in my existing Adalo App?

Xano External Users are only available on newly built apps.

Can I use the same Xano Base URL in multiple Adalo Apps?

Yes, you can definitely do this. You will just need to add the Base URL into your Adalo App that uses Xano Collections.

**Please note: Multiple apps sharing a Xano database do not share "published" status and will be counted individually toward the plan limit.

Can I use a List inside of a List with a Xano Collection?

Having a List inside of a List is not an optimal setup annd will decrease performance when loading information from the Xano Collection.


As with all integrations, Adalo is only able to provide support for the Adalo side of the integration. For assistance with your Xano account, dashboard, or implementation, please use the Xano documentation, Xano community, Xano University, or contact Xano Support directly.

If you need additional help with this article, you can always ask in our community forum! Be sure to paste the link to this article in your post as well! We also have a Xano Course on the Adalo App Academy that you may find helpful!

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