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You can import, remove, and sync the tables you have in Xano with Adalo with ease!

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Before You Begin



1. Adding Collections

Click on the +Add Collection button to display the import tables pop-up where you can import new or additional tables from Xano by checking the box next to the tables you want to import, then clicking Finish.

2. Removing Collections

You can remove Xano tables from your collections, by clicking the kebab icon next to a collection and selecting Remove Collection.

NOTE: When other collections are removed in Adalo, this does not remove or delete them Xano. Conversely, if you remove a table in Xano, the collection will still be viewable in Adalo, but actions and calls to the collection via CRUD will fail. You must remove table and collections in both Xano and Adalo for them to removed completely.

3. Re-Syncing a Collection's Properties with its Xano Table

To re-sync any collection other than the Users collection, click on the kebab icon next to a collection and choose Edit Settings. Then click Run Test to re-import the collection with it's updated properties.

Learn More

  • If you add a collection/table in Xano, you will also need to add it in Adalo using the + Add Collection button.

  • Collection Permissions must be setup in Xano. Adalo does not support Collection Permissions for Xano apps.

  • For Update actions on default Xano API endpoints, you must send all data in the action. For example, even if a trip record already has a saved value for name that shouldn't change, you should still send the Current Trip's name as magic text in the Name field of the action. You can, however, modify the default endpoints using Set Filters in Xano or create new ones to allow changing of individual fields in Xano.


As with all integrations, Adalo is only able to provide support for the Adalo side of the integration. For assistance with your Xano account, dashboard, or implementation, please use the Xano documentation, Xano community, Xano University, or contact Xano Support directly.

If you need additional help with this article, you can always ask in our community forum! Be sure to paste the link to this article in your post as well! We also have a Xano Course on the Adalo App Academy that you may find helpful!

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