Google Sign In with Xano Database

Follow the steps below to set up the component if using Xano as your database.

Skill Level: Expert

Before You Begin

Setting up Google Sign In with Xano External Collections

1.) Add new 'User Login' Action by selecting either "Xano Signup" or "Xano Login"

2.) For "Email" select "User's Email" from the Google Sign in Component and for "Password" select "Last Name"

There is no way to access/create your User's password if using Google Sign-In. It is recommended that you use the 'First Name', 'Last Name', or a combination of the 2 as the password.

3.) Add desired Link Actions that will direct your users after the Login is successful.

You cannot have Conditional Actions using the "Logged in User" data on the Login or Signup Screens as the data is not yet available. Please add these to the Home Screen or an Interstitial Screen to ensure they complete as expected.

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