Counting Records with Xano

Sometimes you want may want to count the number of records in a Xano table or even count records that meet specific criteria.

Skill Level: Expert

Before You Begin

  • Make sure to complete the Working with Data guide first.

  • You must have a Team or Business Adalo plan to use this feature.


Learn More

  • Keep in mind that whenever you make changes to fields in Xano, you must also update the collections in Adalo.

  • It can be very helpful to have some basic knowledge of data types and their definitions in terms of traditional coding. With Adalo and Xano, all properties/field types can be represented by JSON data types.


As with all integrations, Adalo is only able to provide support for the Adalo side of the integration. For assistance with your Xano account, dashboard, or implementation, please use the Xano documentation, Xano community, Xano University, or contact Xano Support directly.

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