Webview Component

The Webview Component lets you display the website content right inside your app. It can be used in the event you don't want your users to leave your app to view a web page.

Before you begin

  • The Webview Component cannot access Microphone permissions on Native Builds.

    • The Webview Component cannot access the Video Camera of your device as this requires microphone permissions. Your native build may crash if you attempt to do so.

  • Certain web pages may have restrictions to iFrame that prevent them from being viewed within the Webview Component. These include some popular websites like Unsplash or Facebook.

Add the Webview Component to your app

  1. Add the Webview Component from the Simple section in the Adalo Builder.

  2. In the Component Settings, enter the Webview URL you would like your users to see using one of the following methods;

    • Manually enter the URL into the component. (ex. https://www.adalo.com)

    • Select the URL you want to use from your Collection using Magic Text.


Check out our Webview Troubleshooting Tips for additional assistance setting up your component!

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