Webview crashing in Native App

In the event your Webview component is causing your native build to crash, it's likely related to the site you are attempting to load.

Possible causes:

  1. Website being loaded is attempting to access the Microphone permissions of the device.

    • Websites are not able to access anything that uses the Microphone of the device including the video camera. This is to prevent malicious apps from circumventing the permission system by just adding Webviews.

  2. Website being loaded is an app not made in Adalo.

    • This is not possible using the Webview Component and may cause the native app to crash.


Remove any URL that matches the description above and push a new build.

Still Need Help?

If you're stuck, don't worry! Check out our Adalo Community Forum for tips and tricks from other makers who have successfully implemented the Webview Component.

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