Webview URL not loading in Adalo App

In the event your URL is not loading in the Adalo App, verify the common issues below to see if any are the cause of this behavior in your app.

Possible causes:

  1. URL typed incorrectly in the Webview Component.

    • Verify the URL is typed correctly in the Component Settings.

  2. URL does not allow being used in iFrame.

  3. You are trying to load an Adalo App inside of the Webview Component.

    • You cannot load an Adalo App inside the Webview of another Adalo App.

  4. You are trying to load a video from Youtube using the Share URL.

    • Youtube videos may not load if not set up correctly. Ensure you use the embeded URL and if the behavior persists, check out our Youtube Component from the Marketplace.

Still Need Help?

If you're stuck, don't worry! Check out our Adalo Community Forum for tips and tricks from other makers who have successfully implemented the Webview Component.

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