Creating a Responsive App

Creating a new Responsive App is quick and easy. Now design once, publish everywhere.
Skill Level: Beginner

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you've read about the new Definitions and Terms for developing responsive apps.
  • Make sure you have an Adalo account and are logged in.


1. (Optional) If you already have apps in your Adalo account, click on the app selector dropdown in the Builder and choose Create New App

screenshot of create new app dropdown

2. In the app selection modal, choose the new Responsive App option, then click Next.

3. Select a template to get started with, or choose Blank to create a Responsive App from scratch, then click Next.

If you're just starting with responsive, it can be helpful to play around with a template first to see how different component setting affect their responsive behavior.

4. Choose a name for your app, the Adalo team if applicable, and some branding colors, then click Create.

5. Congrats! You just created a Responsive Web App that you can publish to web, iOS, and Android!

Learn More

  • You cannot currently transform a non-responsive/legacy Adalo app into a New Responsive App, however you can copy screens from older apps into Responsive Apps. The ability to transition legacy apps to responsive apps is coming soon! Note that screens cannot be copied from Responsive Apps to legacy apps.


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