Migrating Legacy Apps to Responsive

You can migrate legacy apps to the new Responsive App Builder, with a few limitations.

Before You Begin

  • You will need a Legacy app to migrate
  • Ensure you have read how to Copy an App
  • Note that Responsive Apps cannot be migrated or copied into a Legacy App



1. Go to the Legacy App you wish to migrate to a Responsive App and begin the copy process.

2. Give your new app copy a name and select the toggle for "Copy as a Responsive App"

NOTE: As the warning states, you will need to adjust the Layout settings for each component in your app to ensure Responsiveness. Migrated apps are not automatically made responsive.

3. Choose whether you want to Copy the Database structure or Share the same Database as the original Legacy App.

More than likely you will want to Share the Same Database so that when you publish the new Responsive build of your app, your app users still on a Legacy build of your app still have access to the any new app data created after the new Responsive App goes live.

4. Optionally, choose the team you wish to copy the app to, then click Copy.

Note that if you are only on one team (i.e. your own), choosing a team is not available.

Learn More

  • You cannot migrate Responsive Apps to a Legacy App
  • Remember, that migrated apps are not automatically responsive. You should adjust the layout settings of your screens and components after migrating.


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