Billing, Invoices, and Payments
Need to get your invoice, change your billing plan, or switch payment methods? This dashboard's got you covered.
Skill Level: Beginner

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have an Adalo account


1.) To access the Billing Dashboard, click on team switcher in the top right, then click on Settings.
Click on the team switcher (1), then click on the Settings option (2)
2.) In the modal that appears, click on the Billing and Usage tab.
The Billing and Usage tab is on the left side of the modal.
4.) Scroll down past the App Actions Dashboard in the popup to find the Billing section at the bottom.
NOTE: This Billing section will only display billing, payment, and invoicing information if you are on an active and paid Adalo plan. If you're on the Free plan, you will be presented with plan upgrade options here instead.
Update and monitor all of your billing info here.
5.) Clicking on Update Payment Settings will open a popup where you can update your card information and address. When you're finished, just click Update.
You can update your billing details using the form shown here.
6.) Back in the Billing section shown in step 4, you can click on the Change Plan button to downgrade or upgrade your plan. 7.) To get your invoices, click on the View Invoices button in the Billing Section shown in Step 4. A new tab will open in your browser showing all of the past invoices that have ben generated for your account.
The red box denotes the list of your most recent invoices.
8.) Clicking on an invoice will open another new tab where you can view the invoice, download the invoice, or download the receipt that was generated upon payment.

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