Database Basics


  • Within the data tab, you can create various collections with different sets of information. You can think of these as the "nouns" in your app such as Restaurants, Trips, Users, Orders, Menus, Activities, etc. By default, every app starts with a Users collection.

Creating Properties

  • For each collection you can create 'properties' such as Name, Price, Description, etc. — you can select which type of property you will input from a list including:

Number properties have a limit of 15 characters.

Most of the time, you can use a text field, especially for objects like an id. Number properties are best used when you will need to do math with the values.

After naming your collection, click on the Add Property button and select the type of property you want to add

Manually Creating Records

  • After creating properties for your collection, you can manually create a record in your collection by clicking the More menu icon next to the collection name, then selecting View / Edit Records from the menu. In the modal that opens, you will see an add button at the top.

Importing Records

  • Create properties in your collection that match the column titles and content format of the file you're importing. Export data to a .csv file.

  • Click import icon next to the search bar, then select the file you want to import.

  • Make sure that the database columns and CSV columns correctly correspond, then import the data.