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Common questions and pricing information for your Adalo app.
Pricing Information

Can I design and preview my app for free?

Yes! All you have to do is enter your email and create a password to create an Adalo account— then you can start creating and publishing web apps. You can design as many apps as you would like for free— you only pay for Adalo's subscription price if you want decide to publish a native app or if your app requires more than 50 rows of data.

Why should I pay the monthly subscription fee?

With traditional app development, you'd be paying anywhere from $60,000 to more than $500,000 for the first iteration. With Adalo, there are different plans depending on your needs as a founder, entrepreneur, or product manager. We charge a fee to offset the cost of hosting and accessing your data and to keep making new iterations of your app. With your subscription, you can publish large-scale native apps.

What's the difference between the different subscription plans?

While you can create unlimited apps with all of our plans, the two paid plans offer more support and additional features beyond those included in the Test Plan.
For the free Test Plan, which is intended for individuals hoping to test out an app idea or launching a relatively small-scale app by themselves, users can publish unlimited web apps with up to 50 lines of data per app.
With the Launch Plan, which is $50 per month, subscribers can publish native apps or web apps on a custom domain, with a data limit of up to 5 GB. This plan is often used by early-stage startups or entrepreneurs hoping to create and test the first version of their app on their customers. The Launch Plan allows subscribers to add a collaborator who can make changes to the app simultaneously.
The Scale Plan is often used by SMBs, startups, or entrepreneurs looking to grow their customer base or create a public, larger-scale app. With this plan, apps can contain up to 20 GB of data, and subscribers can add up to five other collaborators to work jointly on apps. Additionally, with the Scale Plan, subscribers gain access to an Account Manager.
For more details on the plans, check out the table below.
Explore Plan
Pro Plan
Business Plan
Monthly Cost
Adalo Branding?
Adalo domain
Custom web domain
Custom web domain
Web, IOS, and Android
Web, IOS, and Android
Data Limit
50 lines/app
5 GB
20 GB
Account Manager?

What is a "Seat?"

A Seat in your Adalo Account is an additional user that you can give access to your applications. This user will be able to edit and modify the apps that are given access to just as you are able to as the Account and app owner, so be aware of who you are adding. You cannot edit an app simultaneously at this time.
Pro Plan - 1 Seat. You plus 1 additional user
Business Plan - 5 Seats.You plus 5 additional users

How do I get additional storage?

Additional storage is available for $10/GB. As this time we do not have a way for you to purchase additional storage in your account, or see how much storage your apps are using. Your app will not see any interruption when you hit your storage limit. We will reach out to you well in advance to let you know you are approaching that limit, and work with you to get a plan that makes sense for your app’s growth needs.

What does an Account Manager do?

Account Managers are still a reactive support role. An Adalo Account Manager will be assigned to your account when you first reach out for support. Your Account Manager will be assigned all support tickets from your account email on an ongoing basis. This allows your AM to gain a more intimate understanding of your app through that process, and give more specific guidance for solving issues or working around limitations.
We built Adalo as a self-serve platform, and are continuing that journey through many new education resources and places to learn or find the help you need to complete your app. Adalo Business Plan subscribers will receive priority spots in our ticket queues, more speedy responses, and a more individualized experience, but we still hold true to the belief that Adalo is self-serve first, and will guide you to resources and places to solve your issues, before taking actions to give exact steps to build something in your app.
As always, we prioritize responses for high impact platform wide bugs reported by any of our Makers regardless of Plan over individual requests.
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