Adalo Pricing: Legacy Accounts

Makers who have been paying customers of Adalo prior to the July 27 pricing changes are considered to be on "Legacy Accounts." These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the plans.

I am currently on an Adalo Pro or Business Plan, do I need to update my account?

In short, no. You can enjoy your legacy plan until July 2023. However, in certain cases, one of the new pricing plans may be more cost-effective. You can follow the steps here to upgrade your plan!

Additionally, we will not be able to reactivate Legacy plans if they are cancelled due to non-payment. Please ensure your payment info remains up to date to prevent unintentional cancellation.

Are all current Adalo features available on my legacy plan?

No! All features you previously had access to are still available while on your legacy plan. Additionally, you will not be charged by any of the usage meters that are applied to the new pricing plans. However, publishing responsive web apps is not available on any legacy plan. You can still build a responsive app, but you will need to switch your plan to publish.

Will new and upcoming feature updates be available on my legacy plan?

All existing features will remain available through the duration of your Legacy pricing.

Because Legacy Plans are temporary, not all new features will be available on Legacy Plans. If you are interested in accessing new features, you can visit this Adalo Help Doc | Plan Changes to to learn how to update your plan.

Can I change back to a legacy plan if I upgrade?

If you make any changes to your plan, you will not be able to revert back to a Legacy plan.

Where can I see my previous usage (published apps, test apps, app actions, and storage)?

Usage metrics for your account can be viewed in Account Settings under the β€œBilling & Usage” tab. The concept of Published Apps is new for our tiers, for some legacy plans those calculations will not appear.

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